What’s new in 2.5 version?

Starting from the 2.5 version, the GPX edition has been moved to a separate, free and open source Rambler GPX Editor. You’ll see the button to install the app if you haven’t yet done so. The source code you can see on GitHub. The user’s manual there’s on Wiki pages.

Google Maps replaced with Openstreetmap

Due to the current Google Maps API terms of use, we could no longer use them. That’s why I decided to move to the open source and open data world. The navigation itself doesn’t use maps much, but you’ll see the Openstreetmap while previewing routes.

Manual route point hints abandoned

Since the GeoKarambola automatic route guidance, basing on the path geometry, works perfectly well, it made no sense to keep them alive.

Bonus: auto-routing to POI

From now on you can either navigate directly, or ask the Open Source Routing Machine for a route, based on the OpenStreetMap data. Note: at least for now, it depends on routing data from OSRM Demo Server, and there is no guarantee of uninterrupted operation.

By using as well Rambler GPX Navigation, as Rambler GPX Editor, you accept the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).