What’s new in 2.1 version?

Starting from the 2.1 version, Rambler became aware of the distance to the path, while following routes. Users of older versions: please take a close look at Route Manager and Following routes sections.

Change log:

  • Android 6 compatible runtime permissions check. [If you’re on Marshmallow, at 1st run you’ll be asked to grant the app Your location and Storage permissions]
  • Folowing routes:
    • Following a route starts from the nearest way point, according to the route direction. [If the route you selected is a loop, the watch will ask if you want to go from here to the original last point, or if you want to reorder way points, to complete whole the route]
    • Auto-skip: way points you miss are being skipped automatically. [You can turn it off in Navigation settings]
    • Auto hints: generated automatically in appropriate points. Do NOT override manual hints. [You can turn it off in Navigation settings]
    • If you leave the route and get back, on the next way point you will see an auto-generated hint. [E.g. if you reach a crossroad from another direction that planned, the hint will be automagically corrected!]
  • Route Manager:
    • POI layer added. [You can add a way point from an existing POI]
    • Unlimited way points number allowed. [You’ll see up to 50 at a time, nearest to the map center. Drag the map to see all]
    • Magnifier button displays the list of routes. Long press to reorder. [You can go to the route edition or send the route you selected this way]