What is Rambler?

Rambler Navigation is a mobile GPX (GPS eXchange format) manipulation software and a wearable navigation app, compatible with Android Wear powered watches. It allows you to create, import, edit and export files containing POI (Points Of Interest) and routes on your phone or tablet, and display real time navigation data on two Android Wear watch faces. It also offers a sophisticated path simplification tool to convert your GPX tracks (e.g. from Garmin devices or Endomondo workouts) into routes on the fly, and auto-generate way point hints.

Though Rambler was originally developed for Android Wear smart watches, as your companion during outdoor activities, and a useful addition to activity trackers, which don’t offer navigation, the on-phone application may be successfully used without any wearable device. It’s a quite a powerful GPX edition software with some unique, and useful features.


During the 1st installation, Rambler loads a sample data set (POI and routes). Take a look at them, and press the ‘New’ button to delete. In case you need them again, you can clear the application data, or uninstall and reinstall the application.

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