What is Rambler?

Rambler GPX Navigation allows to use data in GPX (GPS eXchange) format, such as routes and POI (Points Of Interest), for navigation purposes on Android Wear smart watches. It comes with a free, open source companion app (you’ll be prompted to install), which allows to prepare your own routes and POI. You can also take advantage of the large base of bicycle and hiking GPX trails available on the Internet, or convert GPX tracks from your activity tracker into routes.

The application offers two watch faces to choose from. Besides telling time, they display full set of navigation data: direction pointer, route point hints, and more in configurable screen widgets: speed, average speed, maximum speed, speed made good, estimated time en route, estimated time of arrival, time elapsed, distance made, time and date, altitude, steps counter, time of sunrise, time of sunset, time to sunrise, time to sunset, heading, bearing, and distance off course. Choose 8 of them to use in the Classic watch face or define 3 switchable sets of 4 widgets in the Active watch face.

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The application works great as a cyclocomputer, but may become your companion during any other outdoor activity, as a useful addition to activity trackers. It also stores basic stats on time, speed and distance.

Supported languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Polish

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