Menus & info screens

Keep in mind that opening each menu stops the watch from listening to data sent by the mobile (phone) application. To send watch faces settings, POI or routes, leave menus and get back to the watch face.

Navigation menu

Both Active and Classic watch faces use common menus and info screens. Once you pressed the swicon_navigatebutton, you will see the navigation menu:


Location indicator

Informs if the location is ready ico_gps_ready or not yet acquired ico_gps_searching. MOB button and Capture POI button will stay inactive until the location is ready.

POI button

Press to see the list of POI currently uploaded to the watch. Long press to change POI sorting order (by Name / Distance to your current location / Type / Time of the last modification). Under the POI list there’re 3 buttons:

  • DEL – press with no POI selected to clear all POI on the watch; select a POI and press to delete a single POI;
  • (I) – select a POI and press to see the POI info screen;
  • GO! – select a POI and press to start navigating to the selected POI.

Route button

Press so tee the list of routes currently uploaded to the watch. Long press to change routes sorting order (by Name / Type, Length, and Distance to the starting way point). Under the routes list there’re 3 buttons:

  • DEL – press with no route selected to clear all routes on the watch; select a route and press to delete a single route;
  • (I) – select a route and press to see the route info screen;
  • GO! – select a route and press to start following the selected route.

To exit a button-less info screen, just swipe it away.

Capture POI button

Regardless of whether you are currently navigating or not, you can always save your current location as a POI. Press the button to capture your current location. Long press to clear captured POI stored on the watch. See the POI Manager chapter (Add captured POI) to find out what to do about them later.

MOB button

MOB button launches the Man Over Board mode. Your current location is being stored as the target, and the navigation starts. You will be driven back to the place you started from. You must wait for your current location data to start the MOB mode.

Stop button

Ongoing navigation finishes automatically on arrival at the destination. The Stop button just cancels it on demand. You will be asked if to save statistics or not.

Stats button

Press to see the stats data last saved (it doesn’t include ongoing navigation). Long press to clear stored stats.

Route menu

If you press the button_menu button while following a route, you’ll see another menu:


Capture POI button


Stop button

work exactly as described above. However, you’ll find here two new, route-specific buttons:

Skip way point button

While on a route, it may happen to you to miss a way point. This may be caused by several reasons, e.g.:

  • GPS refresh rate set too low to your movement speed;
  • target threshold too small to the route accuracy;
  • GPS signal lost at the moment the way point should have been detected.

Probably you won’t like the idea of getting back just to have the way point reached, and make the watch select the next one. Just enter the route menu, and press the Skip way point button.

Reverse route button

To have a route properly reversed, you need to use the Route manager on the phone. ‘Reverse route button’ is a just-in-case feature. If for some reason you must cancel following route, and get back to the starting point – use it. It will reverse way points order, and set the lately reached way point as the nearest target.

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