Following routes

Press the navigation menu button swicon_navigate, select the route icon btn_route. Select a route you want to follow from the list.


A Toast message will confirm the selection you made. From now on your widgets start displaying information you configured in settings, and the target pointer appears. In the Active watch face you’ll also see the progress bar, and manes of the route and subsequent way points.

On each reached way point (which has a hint assigned manually or auto-generated) the watch will display a graphical hint, according to the direction and angle of the turn to take. If it happened to you to leave the route, and get back again, you’ll be shown a hint on the next reached way point. Always, even it will be “go straight”.

In the center of the Active watch face screen, and next to the distance indication in the Classic watch face, you’ll see the next way point hint icon (“Turn left” in the picture below).



If you left the route (distance to the route > proximity threshold, adjustable in settings), you will not see the next way point hint, but just the divergence / convergence icon, depending on if you’re moving away or approaching the path:



Pay attention to the fact, that, starting from Rambler 2.1, use of too simple routes may result in being constantly off the path:


If you’d preffer to avoid such situation, either draw more detailed routes, or generate them in some external editor. See the example video in the Route manager section.

In ambient mode the Active watch face will swap not only widget sets, but also the route name and the next way point name.

Press the map button (see the Active watch face section) to see your current position on the map. The map zoom and position will be set to include all the route way point and your current position. The part of the route you’ve already made will be colored green, the rest will stay blue. Use the Current position (left) button to zoom the map to your current position. Use the Zoom to fit (right) button to see all the route.


You’ll see a hint icon on each way point which has a hint assigned:

You can not enter hints including the exact direction (e.g. veer or sharp) manually. They are always calculated on arrival at the way point, according to your movement direction.

If you leave the Common settings / Navigation settings / Generate auto-hints option on, as soon as you start following a route, auto hints will be generated automatically in each appropriate way point. They will never override hints you entered manually.

Pressing the menu button  launches the route menu (see Menus and info screens section).


On arrival at the final way point (or if you cancel navigation, and select ‘Save stats’), you’ll see the notification with the trip summary. The stats will also be saved and sent to the phone.


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