Classic watch face

Classic watch face allows you to display 4 various widgets in active mode, and 4 more in ambient mode. Ambient mode widgets appear in the same places, but may (or may not, according to your taste) display different values. Users of rectangular watches can configure 4 additional widgets in corners of the screen. They’re visible in active mode.



When to use Classic?

When you are in movement, it’s always better to use location based data to find the direction to the target. Android Location API provides you with information on geographical coordinates, elevation, speed and bearing. The problem begins when you stop, or move too slowly. A solution is use of magnetic field sensor, and accelerometer, to display compass on the watch.

Classic watch face works in compass based, as well as location based mode. You can select which one to use, or let the watch switch between them automatically. When you move at sufficient speed, your watch will turn compass off end enter location based mode, to save on the battery life. When you stop, the watch will turn the compass back on.

Use classic watch face while slow walking, sightseeing, shopping – rather when you navigate to a point, then while following a route (though you still can do it). Two conditions that must be met: your watch must have the magnetic field sensor built in, and the compass must be calibrated.


Long press the screen and select the gear icon to switch the working mode. If your watch has no magnetic field sensor, only location based mode is available.


For the compass to work properly, it must be calibrated. Stay away from magnetic fields, and press the navigation menu button. When the menu appears, the compass sensor is being switched to the highest sampling rate, to ease the calibration. Now you can either hold the watch up in front of you and wave it around in a figure 8 pattern, or rotate it slowly in all three axes. You must find out on your own which of those methods fits better you and your watch. Be patient.

To enter the navigation menu, pressswicon_navigatebutton. All the navigation-related menus, dialogs and info screens are common for both watch faces and have been described in another chapter.

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