Active watch face

Active watch face was developed to provide you with maximum amount of information at the lowest possible battery consumption. It displays 3 sets of widgets, 4 widgets in each set. In active mode you switch sets manually, by touching appropriate on-screen switch. In ambient mode Set 1 and set 2 are being displayed consecutively, at a rate you select in the watch face settings. Ambient mode is intended to be basic way of use in the daylight. We recommend to turn off the “Wake up on tilt” Android Wear option before going on a long trip witch Active watch face. The best result documented so far was almost 7 hours long navigation on Sony Smartwatch 3, without charging the watch.

When you stop or pause navigation, the Active watch face passes into battery friendly mode, and displays an analog or digital watch, together with 3 touchable widgets. If you like one, you may use it as your daily watch face. Press side widgets to change their content, and the bottom one to enter the navigation menu.


Long press the screen, and select the gear icon to switch between analog and digital layout. You can also turn off the ambient mode sets auto-swap here.


Pressing the swicon_navigatebutton will direct you to the menu, which is common for both watch faces, and have been described in the next chapter.

During navigation the display looks like in the picture below. The target pointer and touchable areas are marked orange:

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