The app doesn’t show on the watch

Up to 10% of watches worldwide seems to still run older Play Services. You can check this in Settings/About/Versions:


If your watch got stuck at a version below 9.x, the wearable application will not get installed. To let you use the app anyway (before the Google team resolves the issue), the alternative build, including Google Play Services 8.x has been published on the beta channel. Please join here for pro:

or here for the free version:

and wait untill the app is updated. Restart your watch and phone when ready.


Starting from v. 2.1, Rambler uses the Marshmallow (Android 6) runtime permissions check. If your phone and/or watch runs 6.x version, both mobile and wearable app will ask for Location and Storage access. The application on your phone can not even start without them. The app on the watch needs them to load data and run navigation.

Last days the issue on the Note 4 running Marshmallow was reported. Instead of showing the default Android dialog window during the permission check, the phone displayed this:


Regardless of the cause, you can always turn appropriate permissions on manually. On the phone enter Settings / General / Apps / Rambler, and select “Permissions”.


Then turn both switches on.


Similar issue was reported on the watch, having installed an app that uses a screen overlay, e.g. Wear Mini Launcher. In case you fail resolving it in the same way, as described for the phone app (on the watch it looks as below),

just uninstall the app that causes the problem temporarily.