Watch face config apps

To select watch faces settings for the wearable part of Rambler, select ‘Active watch face‘ or ‘Classic watch face‘ options menu entry on the main screen. You can also get to both config activities through the Android Wear application: click an appropriate watch face miniature:


You will be taken to one of watch face configuration apps.

Classic watch face settings

Specific watch face settings seem not to need any special explanation here, since each of them has certain help info in the application. Press the (?) button to get help on widgets meaning. Long press other buttons for contextual help. In the picture below you’ll see widget areas together with corresponding parts of the watch screen in active and ambient mode.  Pay attention to the fact, that the ‘Square’ area will stay inaccessible on circular watches.

Due to the fact, that in the current version Rambler offers 16 various widgets, you may feel lost at the beginning. You can always restore default settings: select ‘Restore defaults’ from the options menu.


Having all the values selected, press the ‘Send to the watch’ button, to set them on your watch.

Pay attention to the fact, that the watch must be in the watch face mode to receive the transmission. Exit any menu / info screen and get back to the Active or Classic watch face before sending anything from the phone. It also applies to sending POI and routes.

Active watch face settings

The Active watch face configuration looks very similar to what we said about the Classic watch face above. What needs a separate explanation is “Set 1”, “Set 2” and “Set 3” meaning.


Widget sets numbered 1-3 have different use in active and ambient mode.

In active mode you can switch currently visible set manually. In order to do so, touch the orange Set # indication on the screen. This way of use of the Rambler Active watch face is recommended in limited visibility conditions, e.g. in the night. In normal visibility it makes sense to set “Wake up on tilt” off, and use Rambler hands-free, in ambient mode only.


While in ambient mode, the Active watch face will swap Set 1 and Set 2 widgets at the frequency specified as ‘Swap rate’ in the config app (see above). This significantly contributes to the battery saving, and will let you achieve really long time of use. The best result scored so far was almost 7 hours of constant navigation without charging the Sony Smartwatch 3 watch.


If 8 widgets visible this way is not enough, you can put the least necessary values on the Set 3, select it in active mode, and touch the screen occasionally.

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