Routes vs. Tracks, GeoKarambola Path Simplifier

On the web you can easily find large GPX routes libraries, suitable for each outdoor activity. You can also create your own routes in numerous online editors, e.g. while planning the Endomondo workout. The problem is, that major part of such ‘routes’ are actually tracks, containing someone’s movement recording, or just saved as tracks for some mysterious reason. Such file is built of Track Points, grouped in Track Segments. Each track point has following properties: time, longitude, latitude and elevation, captured every several seconds. Though it looks great drawn on the map, such data are useless while planning the point-by-point navigation. We need to convert them into routes.

If you have no own tracks library yet, use Endomondo route editor or follow this guide to draw your track with Google Maps.

The Path Simplifier features described below are only available in Rambler pro version.

When you select ‘Import tracks‘ in the Route Manager options menu, you’ll see a dialog similar to importing routes. The only difference there’s on the bottom:


Simplify imported routes‘ allows you to pre-simplify tracks during their conversion into routes. The task requires some complex calculations, and is being performed (together with many other Rambler 2.0 functions) by the opensource GeoKarambola library by Afonso Santos. Check the ‘Simplify imported routes‘ box, enter maximum number of way points, and maximum path error (in meters).

If you chose not to bulk-simplify your tracks at the conversion step, and would like to do it later, you can always reduce them – one at a time – by selecting the ‘Simplify selected’ menu option.


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