POI Manager

During the 1st installation, Rambler loads a sample data set (POI and routes). Take a look at them, and press the ‘New’ button to delete. In case you need them one more time, you can clear the application data, or uninstall and reinstall the application.

POI Manager allows you to manage your Points Of Interest data. Each of them may be set as your target on the watch. Every POI is represented by its coordinates (LATitude/LONgitude), date of creation / modification, name, type, elevation and description. You filter your current view by 4 various criteria to see and/or send to the watch only selected POIs.

On the map view POI types have their own colors, and each separate POI has it’s name displayed above the marker. Touch a POI marker to edit POI data. Long press the map anywhere to add a new POI in the pressed location. Use the form to edit POI details or delete an existing POI.


To limit your current view to a certain data range, open the drawer menu, and select View filter.


You can filter your current view by POI type(s), distance to your current location, and the POI age, which means its creation/last modification time:


Having the view limited to POIs you’re currently interested in, you can open the drawer menu, and Send current view to the watch. In the pro Rambler version it will add selected POI to the set currently existing on the watch. The free Rambler version will also receive the full view, but will only allow you to navigate to the first 3 of them (according to the sorting order, see the Wearable application section in the manual).

Please note, that sending POI to the watch is only possible when it’s in normal watch face mode. Please leave any menus / info screens before sending POI to the watch, and get back to the Active or Classic watch face.

The last not yet mentioned entry in the drawer menu is ‘Add captured POIs‘. This will add points you harvested on the watch using the ‘Capture POI‘ button (see ‘Wearable application’ section). POI added this way will be typed ‘watch’, and have names coming from their creation time. They will stay alive on the wearable data exchange until you use the ‘Clear captured POIs‘ feature on the watch. You can do it as soon, as you have added captured POI to your mobile data, edited/renamed and saved them. If you try adding them one more time, overlapping POI will be rejected.

POI Manager options menu contains some more features:

  • New POI by Latitude/Longitude
  • New POI from Google Places
  • Clear all POIs
  • Import POIs from a GPX file (additive)
  • Export POIs to a GPX file (destructive)


Clicking ‘New by Lat/Lon‘ opens a dialog to enter the new POI coordinates manually. Use latitude and longitude in GPS format.



Selecting ‘New from Google Places‘  (Rambler pro only) launches the Google Places interface. Zoom in/out to select desired area, select a place from the bottom menu.


Import‘ feature allows to add POIs from another GPX file to the current data. Clicking ‘Import’ will open the file picker. Select a .gpx file containing POIs, then decide if to import all of them or just selected ones. Importing POIs is always additive – does not replace your current data set. If some imported POIs overlap existing ones, older ones will be rejected.


Export‘ POIs from Rambler is destructive. You can either export the current view, or all POIs currently in memory. If you choose an existing file as the destination, it will be overwritten.


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