Rambler pro 1.1.5: some important changes

The 1.1.5 beta version has just been published. The LV watch face still for square watches only, but some essential changes have been  made (THX to +Afonso Santos for the idea). From now on you can change the ambient mode refresh rate (30/10/5/2/1 sec). It does make sense with while paddling, running, cycling etc. Turning “Tilt to wake screen” off may be a good idea as well. Surprisingly this brings the battery life extension: you don’t have to wake the screen up to see your data up to date. During the first tests the battery life on my Sony Smartwatch 3 seemed to be up to 8 hours (!?).

Attention! Some crashes have been reported for the previous version. Please don’t forget to send the crash report if it happens to you.

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