Rambler 1.4 published

Hello Rambler users! I’m pleased to announce that the 1.4 version is available on the Play store. It brings some comfortable improvements to the maps interface, and really new quality to routes navigation. Users of the pro version are already familiar with some of the features described below (Places interface, entering coordinates manually, and the “crash landing” Toast were introduced in v. 1.3.3/1.3.4), but I do hope they’ll love the rest of new features.

The most important changes you may see in action in the video below:

Full change log

HOME/LOC1/LOC2 definition

  • long press to remove old and add a new marker
  • Google Places interface added (pro)
  • popup to enter coordinates manually added
  • sharing dropped pins from Google Maps added (still in development)

LV watch face

  • touch GPS refresh icon in the status line to see current coordinates
    [This was submitted by +Afonso (i.e. the paraglider) in case of a crash landing. I wonder if adding an option to send coordinates by SMS would be of use. What do you think?]
  • “night mode” replaced with 3 sets of widgets in active mode (switchable on touch)
    [In active mode now you can switch between 3 predefined sets of widgets. Since the night mode became no longer necessary, the on-watch config switch has been replaced with the ambient auto-swap on/off.]
  • auto swapping sets in ambient mode now available in the free version
  • while following a route, ETA/ETE now bases on total distance remaining (pro)
    [This was really uncomfortable in previous versions: you could see only the distance to the nearest waypoint, and the ETE/ETA calculation used to base on it. From now on it looks like it should to.]
  • possibility to skip the next waypoint added
    [Gone wrong way, and it’s too late to get back and reach one of waypoints? Touch the menu button, skip the waypoint, and keep on following the route.]
  • while following a route, you can preview it on the watch
    [Not sure if you’re still on the route? No need to pull the phone out of your pocket. Touch the WP area in the progress bar to see the route and your position. Long press to exit the map. Caution: don’t leave the map open when not necessary. While it’s on, the app stops receiving location updates, and you may omit the waypoint or something. :)]

App manual

You’ll find it here.


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