Radar clock

New on Google Play: Radar clock watch face for Smartwatch 2.

If you like military climates, this watch face may suit you well. It pretends to be an old-fashioned military radar screen.

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Halloween Clock

Can’t wait for Halloween to come? Install this animated watch face to see a haunted house, a pumpkin, and flying bats right now.

Download from Google Play.

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Timeline Clock

Simple, well readable full screen widget with 4 color schemes to choose from. 

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LCARS watch face 1.1.2 update

The updated version of LCARS watch face has just been put on Google Play.

Two phone battery widgets added: 1×1 static and 1×1 animated. They fit the 5×4 layout quite well.

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DWS 1.0.2 published

The newest version (1.0.2) of Digital Widgets Set has just been published on Google Play. 

Two phone battery widgets added:

phone battery 1x1

phone battery 1×1

phone battery 2x1

phone battery 2×1

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