LCARS 1.1.1 beta (video)

Do you like interactive watch faces? If so, take a look at the current beta version. In the square layout date and time area are now clickable, and change display format. The indicator area is clickable too, but with no features attached at the moment.Let me know what you think. LCARS 1.1.1 available on the beta channel.

3 comments to LCARS 1.1.1 beta (video)

  • Adam Margeson  says:

    Why did this get removed from the play store? To sound like a complete Star Trek fanboy, but I can’t stand using any other watchface y this point. Thankfully, since I’ve already downloaded it before, the play store let’s me find it in my list of apps, but I can’t going out by searching and my wife can’t even see it if I send her a link.

    • Adam Margeson  says:

      That was supposed to say, “Not to sound like…” Lol

    • piotr  says:

      Hi Adam,

      I had to remove it from the Play store due to possible copyrights issue. One of my other apps, also free and made on fans’ request, was suspended for such the reason, and I can not take a risk of my developer account termination. I know that numerous Star Trek inspired apps still exist on Google Play, but just want to take no risk.

      If you’d like to share the watch face with your friends, feel free to download and install the apk file. You’ll find it here.

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