Illuminated clock

New on Google Play: the Illuminated clock. Analog watch face, that looks good in the day, impresses at night. Available in three colors switched in the application settings.

The application supports low power mode, however may increase power consumption slightly in comparison to simple built-in watch faces.

Ideas, suggestions and error reports you may leave in comments below this post.


  • Open the SmartWatch 2 app,
  • edit watch faces,
  • create a new watch face,
  • click ‘clocks’,
  • choose the watch face you’ve just installed,
  • enjoy 🙂

How to change colors:

  • Open the SmartWatch 2 app,
  • find Illuminated clock,
  • choose preferred color in preferences,
  • get back, switch to another watch face, and back to the Illuminated clock.

Note: The latter step is necessary at the first use after installation. Next time pressing power button twice should be enough.

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3 comments to Illuminated clock

  • Christophe (T-Rex007)  says:

    Hi there!

    I saw you on XDA, you’re making nice watches!
    I am also creating watches based on Naheel’s tutorial on XDA for my Smartwatch 2.
    I am now facing an annoying issue as I created a mixed display Analog/Digital.
    The digital time is set to 12h instead of 24h.
    Any idea how I could adapt this? I ma pretty sure it must be a stupid detail but I can’t find it.
    Settings on watch and phone are OK.



    • piotr  says:


      You’re right: it doesn’t work. Stopped after the January’s update. Workaround: use two separate TimeViews with widgets:timeType=”hours_digit2″ and widgets:timeType=”hours_digit1″ instead of simple widgets:timeType=”hours”.

      Sorry, the spam blocking plugin doesn’t allow pasting full code here.

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