Eist returns – arcade-puzzle game

Carry Eist through the boards, placing arrows on his way to indicate the direction. Descent from the path will make him fall down. Before you touch the board, and put Eist in movement, plan the game carefully. You will have no time to think later.

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How to play

You need to pick up all artifacts (various animated objects) for the exit to open. Along the way you will meet doors: you need a key to open each one. Use the ladder to cross gaps in the path. It can only be set in designated places. Touch the ladder to pick it up and set it where you need. On some boards you will also meet teleports: they move Eist to each another. Remember: the movement direction stays the same.

Every few boards there is also the opportunity to collect extra lives. See “The premium license” below to learn more.


Please take a look at the movie below, to find out how to place arrows, open doors, collect artifacts, and finally open the exit. The first 3 leveles are as simple as possible, and were written for you to learn how to play.

The game should work well on Android-powered tablets, phones, Android TV and Chromebooks. Android version required: 4.4 and above.

If your device has the touch screen, it will be the default controller. Otherwise, the game will allow you to select between mouse and game pad, and the speed will be adjusted accordingly: press the controller icon on top of the control panel. Although the program is fully gamepad-ready, even in the case of Android TV you could consider using a mouse, that will accelerate and simplify the gameplay.



Anyway, if you’d like to use a gamepad, here you are the buttons description (you’ll also find it in the level menu):


The premium license

You hate ads? So do we. That’s why we decided to use in-app purchases, and the premium licensing. Not only does it allow you to support further game development. As a reward, you will be able to save the game state (level achieved and current lives number) on demand to your Google Drive, via the Google Play Games service. Useful before attempting to resolve another difficult level. Use the cloud icon on the starting screen. The free license only saves the game state while exiting the application, to let you sync the game across all your devices.

Google Play Games

games_controller_greyStarting from the 1.2 version the game uses the Google Play Games services. Sign in to:

  • sync the game state across all your devices;
  • compete against other players on leaderboards (each level and the total score);
  • save multiple game states to the cloud on demand (premium);
  • unlock achievements to collect XP.

Scoring: you start each level with 10.000 points. Each direction change takes away 100 points. Movement takes away 1 point every each board frame. Select the shortest path to save as many points as you can.


Original version of the game was developed in 1992 for 8-bit computers. In case you were curious what it looked like, please see the video.* Many thanks to people who helped me restore the old version, and get motivated to code everything from scratch: Krzysztof Gerstel (he knew who still owns the ancient hardware), and Jarosław Jeżowski (who lent me his Atari 65XE in excellent condition).

(*) Atari lovers may also donwnload .atr image from atarionline.pl [download file directly].



  • The game utilizes the AOSP code (C)2014-2016 The Android Open Source Project, released under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • The game graphics includes the Coda Font by Vernon Adams, released under the SIL Open Font License.
  • The game engine wouldn’t be ever created without tutorials by John Horton.
  • Many thanks to Afonso Santos, who gave me countless Java lessons during last 2 years.


Game concept, code, graphics and music (C)1992-2016 Piotr Miller (nwg).

Privacy policy


Free on the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.nwg.dev.eist.

Languages: English, Polish.



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