Digital Widgets Set (paid app)

Collection of digital clocks & widgets to set up a perfectly tailored watch face

The set is under constant development, and I’ll be grateful for every idea what could be added into it. At the moment the set contains:




How to set up the time zone clock:

  • enter preferences;
  • select time offset from the drop down list (your time +/- offset in hours);
  • edit watch faces;
  • add 2×1 timezone widget;

Note: if you’ve added the timezone widget earlier, you should switch to another watch face, and back again for changes to take effect.

Screenshot_2014-11-04-00-43-37 (1)How to change configurable widgets settings:

  • enter preferences;
  • select font style and colour for hours and minutes widgets from the drop down lists;
  • edit watch faces;
  • add hours widget of the size you need;
  • add minutes widget of the size you need;
  • switch to another watch face, and back again for changes to take effect.

Ideas, suggestions, error reports you may leave in comments.

Download from Google Play

dws04 dws03 dws02 dws01

8 comments to Digital Widgets Set (paid app)

  • Deedat Ahmed  says:

    beautiful watch you have.can I get one to buy.

  • piotr  says:

    Thank you. Only two of them are paid applications at the moment. The rest you can get for free.

  • i wayan wiarsana  says:

    hi.. i bought this watch widget, i got some problem, any widget from this apps only showed as blank screen on my sw2,do u have any idea whats happening?
    oh.. your lcars inspired watchface working great.. i used it the most, because its wonderfull..
    please make another great watch face..
    the idea i have was.. a large numbered digital watch face..(the font type i suggest is advanced dot digital) with the second mark as dots aroud the edge of the clock, i think its wonderfull.. because the blank space will be just around the numbers.. i got some pictures or example if you’d like to know.. thanks 🙂

    • i wayan wiarsana  says:

      i think digital is a better or preferred watchface on sw2,because of it’s rectangular shape

    • piotr  says:

      Nobody reported such a problem so far… You can always try clearing the SW2 app data. It usually helps, but you’d have to add all you custom watch faces again.

      At the time I’m focused on a big project for Android Wear. When it’s finally released, I’ll try to develop something more for SW2. Ideas are welcome. 🙂

      • i wayan wiarsana  says:

        hehehehe thanks mate, i’ll try it, awaiting for the next app for sw2 😉

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