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Eist returns for desktop

10 month after the Android release, Eist returns again, this time to computers. I’m proud to present versions for Windows and Arch-based Linux distributions.

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Eist returns – arcade-puzzle game

Carry Eist through the boards, placing arrows on his way to indicate the direction. Descent from the path will make him fall down. Before you touch the board, and put Eist in movement, plan the game carefully. You will have no time to think later.

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Smartwatch 2 firmware fixed!

Good news! Sony Smartwatch 2 app and firmware update released. It fixes the broken version of 17th Dec, 2014. Custom watch faces brought back to life! Please update to the most recent version (1.6.23 14 / Jan 14th, 2015). According to users’ feedback it may be necessary to uninstall the watch face / widget, and install it again.

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Problems after the SW2 software upgrade

Important information: Sony’s software update of Dec 17th caused problems with custom watch faces: analog widgets show wrong time, and the day of month is missing from digital widgets. We’re working to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

LATEST NEWS: Sony informally confirmed they’re aware of the problem. Probably we’ll have to wait for the solution till new year, due to the holiday period. Thx to Julian J. Wong for keeping us up to date.

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Timeline Clock

Simple, well readable full screen widget with 4 color schemes to choose from. 

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